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"Best price in the industry for the best alternative closure"

The Competitors and Manufacturer of Neocork® start their prices at $135.00/ bag of 1,000. My price is at $10+ less than their starting price.


I focus on Small to Medium sized wineries - giving the best price with the best service. I get back to everyone the same day. And push to get your order promptly when you are ready to bottle.

Accepted Globally

  • 38% of closures are synthetic corks globally - on all continents.
  • 90% of the large wineries in the U.S. use synthetic corks.
  • Premium Wineries use synthetic corks such as Groth, Petroni, Thumbprint, and many others on price points up to $40.00 USD.
NeoCork® Benefits
  • Neocork® doesn't dry out or crumble (Natural)
  • No Sulphide Redux problems (Screw Cap)
  • Easiest to use when bottling (Expert help when needed)
  • Highest rebound if alignment is off to save your wine from oxidation
  • Lowest OTR's (Oxygen Transfer Rates = .002)
  • No bacteria growth - TCA, 2,4,6-trichloroanisole

ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cork_taint


Contact me for a quote and prompt knowledgeable customer service at it's best.

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